Delivery Time: 7-12 Business Days (no weekends)

STATUS: ONLINE                                                                      


- Supported Carriers: All Carriers
- Supported Phones: All Models


- Service will provide NCK codes only.

-  if your phone is sim blocked, need Reset key,Spck - Do not use this service - No refund

- No Cancellation if Delayed
- No Refund for Wrong Code Complaint
- No Refund for already unlocked IMEI
- No Video Proof Accepted, No Investigation
- No refund for non-Huawei or Junk IMEI
- No Verification


The supplier of HUAWEI do not provide any kind of refund (Full or Even Partial) for Wrong code (Even with Video Proof). Also if you submit Wrong IMEI or even send a NON-HUAWEI IMEI you will receive Junk Code and will pay full price for it.

Service might have occasional delays there will be no cancellation allowed even if the order is overdue.

- No Refund for Wrong Code
- No Verification Request Accepted
- No Cancellation if Delayed

SPECIAL CONCERNS: If you submit the wrong IMEI or wrong network, you will receive the wrong code and there is NO refund for the wrong submission.

 PLEASE, if you or your customer can not wait, DO NOT‚ order!!! We can not cancel once the order is placed!!       

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