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GSX check for an iPhone is a service used for obtaining all information about your device. Information includes the serial number, network blockade status, the network that blocks the device, etc.

All iPhone models are supported.


IMEI: 35916507xxxxx
Serial Number: C6KSFxxxxx
Initial Activation Policy ID: 4000
Activation Policy Description: US Reseller Flex Policy
Applied Activation Policy ID: 2174
Applied Activation Policy Description: US Sprint/MVNO Locked Policy
Next Tether Policy ID: 2174
Next Tether Activation Policy Description: US Sprint/MVNO Locked Policy
First Unbrick Date: 10/10/16
Unlocked: false
Last Unbrick OS Build: 16A366
Last Restore Date: 09/17/18
Product Version: 12.0
ICCID: No Info

The informations may vary depending the imei number. If your iPhone/iPad is locked you will need to check for Next Tether Activation Policy Descriptionthis will tells you the curent carrier/network where your iPhone or iPad is locked to.

SPECIAL CONCERNS : If you submit wrong IMEI or wrong  Network, you will receive wrong info and there is NO refund for wrong submission.

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