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Device : iPhone 11 PRO Space Gray 64GB
Model : A-2160 US/Canada
IMEI : 3532491061636XXX
IMEI2 : 353249106383XXX
Serial : C39C95QPNXXX
Activation Status : Activated
Purchase Date : 2020-04-03
Telephone Technical Support : Active
Telephone Technical Support Expiration Date : 2020-07-02
Repairs And Service Coverage : Active
Repairs And Service Expiration Date : 2021-04-02
Repairs And Service Expires In : 351
Apple Care : No
Refurbished Device : No
Replaced Device : No
Loaner Device : No
Find My iPhone : ON
GSMA Status : Blacklisted
Next Policy ID : 23
Carrier : US AT&T Activation Policy
Country : United States
SIM-Lock : Locked

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