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Warning : The Service Results Nexther Locked Carrier if the imei is initial flex or replaced it wil not show that. for that you need to buy FULL GSX REPORT.

if you place iPhone orders using this service for carrier check make sure your IMEIS are not replaced or flex mostly happens in uk carriers and usa carriers in such case there is no refund on that unlock service


Model: iPhone 7 Plus Black 32GB
IMEI: 35380xxx
Serial Number: F2MSYRxx
Locked Carrier: UK Vodafone
SIMLock Status: Locked


Weekend processing may or may not be available for this service.


SPECIAL CONCERNS : If you submit wrong IMEI or wrong  Network, you will receive wrong info and there is NO refund for wrong submission.

 PLEASE, if you or your customer can not wait, DO NOT‚ order!!! We can not    cancel once order is placed!!       

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